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Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Ask the Experts, Home-based Business, Marketing | 0 comments

What are some affordable ways to promote your home business?

Promoting your business should always be part of your business plan when you start your home business. Effective promotions go a long way to mapping out your success.

What will make you stand apart from your competition?

Promoting your business does not have to be costly, there are several affordable ways to do this.

Attach a business card or flyer to every piece of paper that you send out, even bill payments. When you send out emails have a business card style signature. Email interesting articles relating to your business to all your contacts and ask them to share with their contacts, do the same for them. It shows you took an interest.

Do you or your children belong to any sports, music, and dance groups? This is a perfect time to present your business while waiting for the children’s lessons to be over. Use the buddy system where you partner with someone else in a home business and when they send out their flyers/brochures, have them include yours and you do the same for them. This will give you more visibility.

If you use the internet, there are many free advertising sites where you can promote your business and post information and specials daily if you wish.

Do small inexpensive giveaways as a way of keeping your name in front of your potential client.

Have you ever thought of doing a presentation at a community centre or another inexpensive location and inviting everyone you know to attend? You could do a joint presentation with another person in the same or complementary business as you and promote the details well in advance and send out reminders, right up to the day of the event.

Posting your business on your vehicle can drive more business your way.

Join networking groups, often people in networking groups help and refer each other and many have a policy where only one person from each profession or business can join. Many of them are free or very inexpensive to join or attend.

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