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Welcome to Powerful Women’s Article Section.

This section will include articles from Powerful Women Magazine, including expanded versions, success stories, feature articles, business news or tips. It will also include articles that were submitted to the magazine after the print deadline as well as articles specifically targeting an online audience only.

Articles are intended to inform and inspire business women, female entrepreneurs and career women to help them on their journey to success.

If you are an expert in your field, we invite you to share your knowledge with your peers by submitting useful tips, resources and information to our Experts Corner.

If you have faced, challenged and overcome an obstacle on your journey to success, whether business-related or personal, we invite you to share your experiences with other women by submitting your story to our Success Stories section.

Please note: you are responsible for ensuring all submitted articles are your own work, however, if we suspect your article has been plagiarized we will not publish it.

Your article is not intended to solicit business and should therefore not be promotional. Your name, business name and email address may be included with your article for contact purposes only.

Karen Coleman
Powerful Women Magazine