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Posted by on Sep 1, 2010 in Fall 2010, Publisher's Editorial | 0 comments

Challenges, changes and complications help us grow and evolve

Karen ColemanAs my mother would say, ?things are meant to try us?. As I was preparing the last issue for the printer, I faced a complication. To cut a long story short, a software malfunction meant I had to copy everything to a back-up file and, in my haste to meet the deadline with the additional work, the last line of an article went astray.

After initially chastising myself for not noticing the missing line during my final on-screen proof, I realized this was not the end of the world. Of course, I owed the writer, Glodeane Brown, a huge apology, but compared to the massive oil spill that happened around the same time, this was small fry. (If you?re wondering about that missing line, you can read it online at

In the end, the magazine came back from the printer five days early, so for me this was a lesson learned. If you set an early deadline to allow for complications, don?t rush when one arises. Instead, use the extra time to fix the problem when you?re less stressed or tired. I also learnt not to beat myself up over small mistakes because, we not only learn from them, they make us stronger.

Like me, as entrepreneurs, you will face many challenges, changes and complications in pursuit of your dreams. The way you approach them, however, can affect the final outcome. While many of you may see your lives as if the glass is half empty or half full, others see it as positively brimming over. No matter the challenge, they tackle it with a positive outlook, embrace change and face complications with a joie de vivre. Challenges, changes and complications can only help us grow and evolve. Beating them is what makes us Powerful Women. If we want success bad enough, we?ll achieve it.

This issue includes many examples of powerful women who have faced challenges, changes and complications, whether personal or business related, on their own journeys to success. Enjoy their stories of inspiration as well as the tips they share.

Karen Coleman, Publisher

Editorial, Page 3, Fall 2010

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