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Posted by on Sep 1, 2010 in Challenges, Fall 2010, Inspirational Women, Life Transitions | 0 comments

Change happens; pause, trust, leap

Erica Brandl Learning Evolves

Erica Brandl
Learning Evolves

I didn?t see it coming. It seemed like such an ordinary Thursday. Shower. Grab an outfit. Off to work. In fact, just two short days before I was dancing around the office, still on a high from my vacation to Sedona. It had been a trip of renewal; one that tested my physical, emotional, and spiritual strength. I came back feeling so grounded, so revitalized, so? alive.

It was a high ledge to throw me off of that Thursday morning. Each word from my manager?s mouth inched me closer to the edge until my world finally crashed. Financial difficulty. Cut expenses. Compensation package. Sign here. Very sorry. Best of luck in all of your endeavours.

My new reality was the complete opposite to the strength and clarity I had felt just 48 hours before. That was, until I realized that the trip wasn?t a contradiction to what I was now facing. It was my training. Here are three steps that helped me turn challenge and difficulty into a path of blessings and wonder.

Pause: In an effort to be strong, we tend to squash our emotions, telling ourselves that we shouldn?t feel the way that we do. This well-intentioned act actually short-circuits our healing and growth. Instead, I gave myself permission to just? feel. Being able to face and then transcend my emotion gave me the authentic strength I needed to handle this change.

Trust: There is an inspiring sentiment that says May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. When this change happened to me, I entertained the notion that I was being perfectly positioned for something beautiful. If you find that hard to believe, look back on your own experiences. List the events that seemed tragic at the time. How did they lead you to something amazing?

Leap: Life had steered me towards this path for a reason. What opportunity was in front of me that I might not be seeing? I took a leap and used this change to do something that I would never have done otherwise.

Change happens for a reason. When it happens to you, remember to pause, trust, and then leap. Use the change to your best

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