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Posted by on Mar 1, 2010 in Brand, Firsts, Marketing, Networking, Spring 2010 | 0 comments

Communicating your brand

Hand out your?verbal business card?with confidence

By Roblynn Hunnisett, Touchstone Event Management

When new entrepreneurs hear the words, ?you must create an elevator speech,? their first reaction is fear. It is basic marketing we are all told by marketing experts. Words are very im- portant, so the perception we receive from words is important.

What if we call it Verbal Business Card? How about Sellar Speech? Would you understand what they mean? Would you know the purpose of having both? They are both part of your image, your brand. So, how do you create both of these very important marketing tools? And how do we make them memorable?

First impressions are critical in business and it is important that you communicate quickly, clearly, and precisely what you do and how your product or service might benefit the listener. When your message is well constructed, it is also easier to communicate and usually results in more confidence in the delivery by the speaker.

In short, a verbal business card would be used at networking events, possibly following on different marketing pieces as an introductory paragraph.

The Sellar Speech is short, clear and gives the message, when you are in the airport and someone stops and asked you what you do. You say it never happens, believe me it does happen on a regular basis to me.

Always keep your brand strong which means YOU! Always carry your marketing tools with you, especially your business card.

Here are a few tips to help you communicate your brand at a first meeting:

  • Use verbs, action words hold another person?s attention longer
  • Be prepared at all times
  • Summarize in a few short sentences: who?you are, what the name of the company is?and what you do
  • Describe the benefits your product or service provides
  • Be confident in your delivery
  • If time and interest allows, create a ?Call?for Action?
  • When creating a Sellar speech use only?seven words

A verbal business card and Sellar Speech are part of your creative marketing plan. Be your best cheerleader and build?them both with strength. Make your brand strong!

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