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Posted by on May 24, 2013 in Computers - IT, Spring 2013 | 0 comments

Discovering new opportunities online

Sharon Bennett

Sharon Bennett
Bennett Business

Over the last number of years, the Internet has altered the way we do business.? We no longer rely on meeting face-to-face, or staying up late to phone someone halfway around the world; we can now connect with anyone at any time using Internet-based technology. This opens up our businesses to global possibilities without the cost of long distance phone calls, travel expenses, and shipping.

Using a variety of applications, we can easily communicate with others about our products and services. We are able to find new distribution channels and discover new markets and vendors. We can bypass some of the gatekeepers, and talk directly to the people who can help us, or who we can help. The story of Justin Bieber being discovered on YouTube has given hope to budding artists hoping to make it big. The aspiring author can self-publish the next great novel, without dealing with the expense and red tape of typical publishing houses. The next big ?thing? can be funded with nothing but private investors and a simple website.

Our business teams can communicate easily and securely, with calendars, contacts, and file sharing using services such as Google Apps for Business and Office 365, no matter where the team members are located. The tools that were only available to companies with large IT budgets are now available to small businesses at a fraction of the cost. Your time and resources can be invested into growing your businesses instead of into the technical backbone of your business.

Some of the other technologies that can help you grow your business include:

  • Skype – for global video and audio chats
  • Dropbox – for sharing large files with clients, associates, etc.
  • Google Hangouts – for group video chats
  • YouTube – for video blogs, lectures, and demonstrations
  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) ? allows you to make connections and share your knowledge with others in a relaxed and fun approach

Today?s technology opens doors that were locked not so long ago, allowing you to take advantage of technology to discover new businesses and opportunities.

Appeared on page 10 Spring 2013

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