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Posted by on Sep 1, 2010 in Challenges, Fall 2010, Health & Wellness, Hypnosis | 0 comments

Dream big, stay positive; success is a state of mind

What is success but a state of the mind? I have found that self-hypnosis, through suggestion, creates the mind environment enabling success. I dreamed big? and hypnosis helped me on my journey to success.?

Liane Rioux  Trance Formations

Liane Rioux
Trance Formations

A Master Hypnotist with certificates in pain management and past life exploration, I began my journey with hypnosis in 1995. After a referral from a colleague I learnt of its benefits for pain management and began using self-hypnosis to cope with physical pain.

Its use in pain management led me on the path to using hypnosis to help others succeed and explore their past lives.
My story is one of triumph over adversity and hypnosis is the current path I?m travelling on life?s highway. Being visually impaired was never viewed by me as a handicap; it was and remains just another one of life?s challenges giving me the pr

The question always was how do I achieve my goals and not let a defeatist attitude rule my life? My positive outlook started young and helped me not only to triumph over visual challenges but also to cope with speech and physical therapy to learn to speak and walk.

My cup is always half?full. Graduating from university with a B.A. in psychology in 1980, I spent the next four years seeking work, and once found, I spent the next 21 years working as a certified Canadian rehabilitation counsellor assisting injured individuals return to the workforce.

In 2005, I left the rehabilitation field with no visible job prospects but was determined not to let being disabled lead to a disability pension. After an exhaustive job search, my previous insight into hypnosis for pain led me to train as a hypnotist and, in 2007, I hired myself with a dream of using hypnosis to continue successfully helping others.

Hypnosis through suggestion creates a powerful mind state, whereby what you conceive you can achieve. It has helped me to remain positive and it can help you too.

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