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Posted by on Mar 1, 2010 in Firsts, General Interest, Spring 2010 | 0 comments

Eagle Vision

The Power of Your Dreams… Where do you get your inspiration?

By Alison Normore, Ph.D., Wings of Light Consulting

It was early spring; I was driving along a winding road between remote towns in Northern Ontario. The air was fresh; the sky clear blue; each bend revealed a pond or brook; green spruce covered the hills in every direction. The landscape reminded me of my island home and I soaked up the colours, the spa- ciousness, welcoming the change of pace and scenery. My downtown Toronto office seemed far away.

On the nearly empty road my thoughts drifted to a dream during undergraduate days where my future self was travelling with briefcase in hand to a job as a pro- gram evaluator. Now a few years later, I was doing just that and reflected on the role and power of that dream image.

This started me wondering with the thought ?If I could do anything…? and, be- fore I could compose an answer, ?I?d be in business for myself? It was like a fastball zipped into home plate while the batter?s attention is momentarily diverted. The idea hung there and I wondered where it came from; it was not something I?d considered before. Driving along, with only trees and sky and winding road for company, I waited for other answers to arrive, like what kind of business. But nothing else came.

A symbolic event occurred along the same stretch of road that has remained etched in my memory. From out of nowhere a bald eagle swooped in front of my car, only feet away ? a blurred expanse of wide feathered wings. One moment it was there, the next moment flown away with only my pound- ing heart to prove I hadn?t imagined it.

It took less than a year to create a pri- vate practice providing therapy for chil- dren and families. This work fit me like a glove and I loved the freedom of be- ing my own boss. Shortly afterwards, I delved into my life long passion of ho- listic and energy medicine. This business continues to expand in ways I could not have even imagined back in school.

I believe we dream our world into being. The eagle reminds us that life is a journey of discovery you take one step at a time. Some- times your possible future appears drawn on broad canvas; sometimes it?s a tiny window that opens. It?s true, the seed of inspiration can come when you least expect it. But real mastery is allowing it to take root and grow.

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