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Posted by on Mar 1, 2010 in Computers - IT, Firsts, Home-based Business, Spring 2010 | 0 comments

First Windows operating system to make the grade

Computing for the Geekaphobe

By Rhonda Cozzarin HelpMePC

Windows 7 has to be the best operating system yet from Microsoft. We all loved XP, for many years; it was every (wo)man?s business tool of choice. We managed to hang in there for three service packs, and a gazillion updates over the years, waiting for the perfect replacement.

Vista was meant to be just that, full of visuals that oddly resembled Mac. The backlash was unpredictable ? the business community disliked it, and so did the technicians. Vista was too big, and too bossy for most of us to appreciate the complexities from within.

Vista launched at the end of January, 2007 ? and crashed almost immediately. Windows 7 launched in October of 2009, and immediately people were dumping Vista ? not XP. Sales of Windows 7 are up 82% compared with those for Vista during the same post-launch time period.

Perhaps this is because Vista was marketed too strongly, and everyone was in a happy place with XP. We could also surmise that users were anxious to replace Vista. Whatever the reason, you will be pleasantly surprised with how easy Windows 7 is to use.The first operating system to make the grade, Windows 7 is perfect for business. It?s fast, clean and can be personalized to the way that you work.

10 highlights of Windows 7

  1. Personalize your desktop in a new and exciting way.
  2. Preview open documents and programs in the task bar.
  3. View frequently used items in a jump list.
  4. Pin frequently used programs to the task bar or start menu
  5. Pin frequently used documents to an applications jump list
  6. Customize your system tray
  7. Do searches from the start menu
  8. Tweak User Account controls reduce the number of security certificates
  9. Quickly locate Windows Updates in the Control Panel
  10. A revised look to Paint that mimics the Office 2007 Ribbon
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