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Welcome to Powerful Women Magazine

Welcome to Powerful Women… A magazine for business and professional women, female entrepreneurs and women considering a change of career or starting their own company.

  • Starting a home-based business and looking for support?
  • Not sure if you have enough experience to start a business?
  • Wondering how to manage your business through life’s transitions?
  • Trying to juggle family with running a business?
  • Getting bogged down with paperwork and clutter?
  • Having trouble setting goals and achieving them?
  • Finding you lack energy to work or play?
  • Considering a new career or starting your own business?
  • Looking for some quick and easy nutritious meal ideas?
  • Wondering how you would cope at work with a health crisis?
  • Need inspiration or motivation to succeed?

These are just some of the topics that will be covered in?Powerful Women: a magazine aimed at business women, female entrepreneurs and career women like you, to inform, inspire and ignite your passion for success.

Exciting Changes for 2013

In December, we will be posting exciting changes to Powerful Women Magazine for 2013. Bookmark this page and return before January 1st to learn more.

Whether you run your own company, manage a business for someone else, work in a male-dominated environment or are stepping out into the business world for the first time, no matter what goals you set, you will experience obstacles and challenges along the way.

Powerful Women offers you the opportunity to learn from other women whose experiences have taught them how to overcome obstacles, helped them grow and made them the success they are today.

?Every problem is just an opportunity waiting to be made use of.?

~ Unknown

All women have the power within them to achieve their goals. But sometimes we need a little help, guidance and inspiration to help us stay focused. Through the articles, feature stories and Ask the Experts sections in?Powerful Women Magazine, we hope to inspire you to achieve your goals, realize your dreams, and to ignite your passion for success!