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Posted by on Sep 1, 2010 in Challenges, Counselling, Fall 2010, Family | 0 comments

How wonderful is life? Dare to imagine

Creating a positive attitude in business

Branka Moore, Imagineering Counselling Services

by Branka Moore, Imagineering Counselling Services

As an entrepreneur and businesswoman, your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, decisions, wants, imagination and expectations will shape and drive your success. Your keen ability to persuade, influence, direct, and motivate is the strength to capitalize upon when facing a financial crisis or other business complication.

All of us affect, in one way or another, the people around us. Your attitude as a leader, though, is highly contagious so it is wise to develop and uphold a positive attitude, one that includes an expectation of positive outcomes, even in the face of roadblocks or crises. A positive attitude is a very powerful trait. In fact, it is crucial for success because a mind filled with optimism and positive thinking is geared for success.

Everyone is born a positive thinker, but often the inevitable stressors in life cause this trait to become muted. Recapturing our inherent positive nature can lead to incredible success. As a leader, your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, decisions, wants, imagination and expectations contribute to the outcome of any challenge you face. A positive attitude produces very different results from a negative one. A positive attitude anticipates a successful outcome of every situation and action.

The positive thinker, instead of being seduced by fear or panic in a crisis and becoming crippled by negative thinking, focuses on any good news, small successes, and on what is working. All inner dialogue and talk with others is positive and constructive. A positive attitude permits its owner to form a vision or image of the desired outcome or goal. The positive thinker, while aware of the problem, has his/her primary focus on a solution with an expectation of success.
Energy flows where attention goes. Positive thinking directs your thoughts, intentions, and attention on the things you want, rather than on what you don?t want. Where are you putting your focus?

Put an end to negative thinking and become a positive thinker; you?ll enjoy life and success a lot more. Begin today to replace negative and useless thoughts with positive and constructive ones.

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