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Posted by on Jun 1, 2010 in Summer 2010 | 0 comments

Multitasking is in our nature

Karen Coleman, PublisherWhen we decided to start our own business or pursue our dream career we didn?t realize at the time quite the juggling act it was going to be. As sole proprietors and entrepreneurs, not only do we work at the thing we are most passionate about, but we also have to deal with all those tasks we love to hate: sales, administration, event planning, accounts, taxes. Some are just plain mundane while others challenge us beyond our wildest expectations.
But, then there are those women, who not only run their own successful business, they somehow manage to make time for family, friends, housework and fundraising, and still squeeze in enough personal time for going to the gym, hair salon or spa.

As women, we somehow manage to do it all and as great multitaskers we do it amazingly well. Multitasking seems to be in our nature.

However, sometimes, when the going gets tough, we just have to say NO to multitasking. Many of us find ourselves wearing so many hats, some of which do not fit, it?s not funny.
We somehow need to prioritize our tasks, use time-saving tools that multitask for us or, dare I say it, delegate some of the more challenging tasks to someone more qualified to complete them so we can focus on what we do best.

This issue is a tribute to all you multitasking business women and female entrepreneurs. You are truly amazing.

The Fall issue is all about challenges, changes and complications, how they impact our
business and/or personal life, how we stay motivated to overcome them, the final outcomes and how they influence future decision making.

Karen Coleman, Publisher

Editorial, Page 3, Summer 2010

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