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Posted by on Jun 1, 2010 in Computers - IT, Multitasking, Summer 2010 | 0 comments

Multitasking with Outlook

Computing for the Geekaphobe

Multitasking with Outlook

by Rhonda Cozzarin, HelpMePC

Rhonda Cozzarin, HelpMePC

Rhonda Cozzarin, HelpMePC

Communicate with the world using the number one contact manager and multitasker. Not only is Microsoft Outlook a great email client, but it has many modules that can help make your business more productive.

Even if you?ve been using Outlook for a number of years, there may still be some features that you?re unaware of.

Outlook can sync seamlessly with your Blackberry and iPhone. Connect your handheld device to your desktop or laptop computer using a USB cable and then set up the Desktop Manager on your computer to select the tasks you want transferred.

Not only can you read your email on your handheld device, but you can also check and update your appointment calendar, check and edit your to-do list, and view and update your address book.

Beyond the basics of sending and receiving email, Outlook offers additional methods of organizing email. Folders can be created to file emails into specific locations. By creating rules, incoming mail is directed into folders so that you no longer need to manually drag and drop them.

Additionally, when you archive your mail, the folders are retained so that you always know where to find your important mail. Distribution lists can be created with only the contacts that you want to send to, saving you the time that it takes to manually pick from the list. Using the Outlook Connection Manager, you can also connect your web email to Outlook, rather than setting up a separate email account.

Another multitasking feature borrowed from Word that can be triggered in Outlook is mail merge. Mail merge produces mass? ?snail? mailings, connecting a template with a database to produce, letters, labels, and address envelopes with unique contact information.
Use one or more of Outlook?s features and you are sure to increase your business productivity in just a few easy steps.

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