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Posted by on Jun 1, 2010 in Multitasking, Summer 2010 | 0 comments

Multitasking your wardrobe

Multitasking your wardrobe

By Dawn Sellars, Dawn to Dusk Fashions

Here are some ideas to help you multi-task your wardrobe:

Unbutton it. Wear shirts, cardigans and even button up dresses as outerwear. Play around with the pieces of clothing you have and see what different looks you can create. The ?dress as a coat thing? looks especially cute when it is fitted, even if it is a bit too fitted after you indulged on vacation and have ?a little bit extra around the middle.? Wearing it open will give you a slimming silhouette.

Accessorize. Do you have one great piece of clothing that you really like? Then, work around it; accent it with colours or accessories. Use necklaces, belts or add bright scarves that coordinate with it, or cover it with a cardigan, whatever suits your mood, or the weather. In summer, a fall top can be brightened up with something light, or alternatively a summer top can be covered up with a darker colour so it fits your fall wardrobe.

Dress it up or down. A few inches of heel will dress up any outfit, so will a simple pair of earrings or bright jewellery. Take an informal little top or dress and make it formal by adding a string of pearls. Add a fitted jacket to turn your pants and top into a powerful business outfit. And for a casual look, take that really fancy top and dress it down with your jeans. Wear flat shoes and a tee with those fancy palazzo pants or your party skirt. Spend a day at the market, night out with the girls, or attend a business meeting looking fantastic in what you wear. It just takes a little attention to detail.

Layering is ?in? right now, isn?t it? Many menopausal women out there will be doing this already, looking to adjust their clothing to their body temperature, and it can look great! Try something simple, like covering a tank top with a long open shirt and tie the shirt tails into a knot at the front to accentuate your waist. Leave the shirt open for a more relaxed look. Wear a skinny polo neck under a dress or choose different sleeve lengths, such as a sleeveless top as a vest. Wear a shorter top over a longer one so the hemlines show. This looks great when the colours complement each other and when they contrast strongly.

Above all, have fun while making the most of your wardrobe and defining your own sense of style. Have a little talk with that stylish friend of yours. If she is a true friend she will help you out and you will have fun discovering you have more useful clothing than you realized, even if she lets you know some of those old tee shirts really should end up as dusters.

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