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Posted by on Dec 1, 2010 in The Women Behind The Men, Winter 2011 | 0 comments

Never be the ?yes? man

Respect yourself. Strive to constantly develop and improve.

By Carolyn Benavidez, CARe Solutions

As women, most of us have grown seamlessly into supporting roles of one kind or another. We care for younger siblings, for our husband and family, and support managers in the workplace. Often we find that the spotlight doesn?t shine on us directly but on the male counterparts that we support.

When the synergy of a pairing like this is strong, then make no mistake; each role is just as important as the other. The tree can?t survive without the roots. There have been countless examples throughout the ages demonstrating the importance of the ?Women behind the Men.? Without our vital contributions, the canvas of history would have been brushed with far less depth and diversity.

Why do there continue to be so many examples of women who work tirelessly behind the scenes to promote a man?s endeavours? Whether you believe the reasons to be cultural, historical, or otherwise, as women we have an innate ability to nurture all relationships that we?re a part of, social or business.

So what can we do in our daily lives to increase our strength and development in these areas?

  • Never be the ?yes? man (so to speak)! Have an opinion that is individual to you and you will be far more valuable and respected than someone who always goes with the flow.
  • Being in a support role is often quite similar to being in a managerial role and requires the same skills to be applied. Stay in tune with the objectives and challenges of your male manager. The same thing can be said when supporting your husband and family. When you know the destination, you can effectively steer the ship.
  • Remain loyal and professional. In a work environment, never let ego get in the way of your performance. Personal feelings or disagreements can?t get in the way of your impeccable professionalism in representing your manager.
  • Don?t undervalue yourself. The days of minimally skilled secretary or the uneducated housewife are long gone. Always respect yourself as a person, your roles and responsibilities in life, and strive to constantly develop and improve.

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