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Posted by on Mar 21, 2013 in New Business, Spring 2013, Starting a Business | 0 comments

New Business and Opportunities

Karen Coleman, PublisherEvery now and then throughout our lives, new opportunities present themselves:? opportunities to make new friends, build relationships, and to grow. In business, new opportunities often present themselves in a similar way, such as opportunities that allow us to start a new business, develop new skills, and grow our companies.

While some (people and businesses) will only seize opportunities that benefit themselves, often there is, or could be, a mutual benefit for both parties in the relationship, personal, business or otherwise, and most of us seize those opportunities gladly.

Spring 2013 - New Business & Opportunities

But people who create or seize an opportunity that only benefits a third party are somewhat rare and inspiring. In this issue, not only do we share tips from entrepreneurs to help guide you in creating and making the most of opportunities that present themselves to you, but we also share two inspirational stories about three exceptional women who saw an opportunity to help others less fortunate than themselves and do everything in their power to make it happen. Enjoy!

Karen Coleman, Publisher

Read the Spring 2013? issue online in PDF format or Flash flip book.

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