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Posted by on Dec 1, 2010 in The Women Behind The Men, Winter 2011 | 0 comments

Now is the time to design the next 20 years

If I had known 37 years ago when arriving in Canada that John and I would be spending most of that time as partners in our own businesses, would I have turned back?? Absolutely not!?

Sue Arnott Welcome Home Inspection Services

Sue Arnott
Welcome Home
Inspection Services

We had been in Canada just five years before John decided that it was time to become his own boss! Being an engineer, it made sense to continue working in a consultancy role within industry.

We decided that I would take on the background clerical duties. However, with a strong passion for wellness, I decided to start my own business and became a certified Medical Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer.

For 25 years, I provided wellness and fitness programs to corporations, health clubs and symptomatic individuals. I loved every minute of it!

Did this create conflict? Absolutely! But problems are nothing more than challenges. And challenges equal growth!
However, a few years ago, because of health issues related to having had polio, I was forced to give up most of my fitness activities including my business. Coincidentally, with the manufacturing environment changing in Canada, John decided to make a career change and we opened ?Welcome Home Inspection Services? together and have grown it into the successful business it is today.

Do conflicts still arise? All the time! We have different strengths and weaknesses. John is more technical and logical, whereas I am more ideas driven and outgoing.

Therefore, we work well together and are grateful for the lessons we are learning along the way.

We love what we do and who we are and always will be a strong team.

We balance each day to embrace new opportunities as they arise and I have been blessed with the faith and skills to, again, provide wellness information others ignore as ?The Vitality Lady.?

You CAN have it all as long as you feed yourself and your mind every day.

What happened in the past has prepared you for today.

It is time to design your life in a way that inspires you and those around you!

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