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Posted by on Apr 15, 2013 in Coaching, Image, New Business, Spring 2013 | 0 comments

Opportunity isn’t a door, it’s a dare

It is spring! A time for new things, new beginnings and new hope!

Eve Harding, Image by Designs

Eve Harding, Image by Designs

Our economic climate has been forever changed from that of our parents? era, and entrepreneurship is the mode of the future. You don?t have to win a lottery to have your dreams come true, but you do have to take risks?well thought-out ones!

This magazine was, at one time, just an idea, and now it is a format for sharing knowledge, experience and inspiration. In helping new entrepreneurs assess business opportunities, I advise a close look at four things.

  1. Is the business foundation well established?
  2. Is there a self-development factor available?
  3. Have the founders utilized new technology?internet, social media?
  4. How well has the parent company been expanding?

Beyond these elements, assessing the personal monetary and time requirements needed is fundamental. If you have other income sources, then you have more choices with monetary investments, but you must carefully calculate future potential and financial deadlines.

If you are beginning a new business on a part-time basis, what hours of the day are available to you and where will you centre your efforts? In Robert Kiyosaki?s book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, he underlines the increasing value of entrepreneurship as a way of taking control of your own income source!

A new mom, for instance, can net a better profit by working at home and making a few hundred dollars a month while writing off her common expenses, than she would net if she were to drive to work, pay for day-care, employment costs and purchase support measures. These measures run anywhere from housekeeping and lawn-care, to eating out or buying pre-made dinner, and so on.

If you are at the other end of the career spectrum, and seeking early retirement or supplementing a retirement income, the choices are broad in the same fields. You are likely to be ready to be your own boss and work your own hours, and you have built up a number of skills that can be utilized and shared.

In helping people who are establishing a new business, I always start with goal setting based upon their life?s career passion. Then, we chart the course, make a structured plan?and then stop planning and ACT?taking the first step is what unlocks one?s ability to do amazing things!

Need help doing amazing things?


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