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Posted by on Mar 1, 2010 in Firsts, General Interest, Spring 2010 | 0 comments

Passions, Dreams & Milestones

all part of our journey

By Kristel Manes, Guelph-Wellington Business Enterprise Centre

The creation of this new publication and to be given the opportunity to write my first article had me thinking of all the ?firsts? we experience in our lifetimes.?

We all have special memories of our first kiss, first love, first job, first child, first home, first grandchild and can all remember the feelings and emotion triggered inside us upon reflection of these significant events in our lives. With each momentous milestone, it brought us new courage, new experience and new wisdom to bring to our catchall and dared us to then look beyond the current existence and look for more new ?firsts? to replace those euphoric recollections.

As a young woman at the beginning of my career, I imagined great potential and possibilities for myself. I entered the world of fashion with starry eyes and a belief that a sense of style was the only thing that mattered. I worked hard to climb the corporate ladder, regaling in first sales, first promotion, first bonus and the first managerial position. After ten years in the industry, I eagerly entertained the idea of purchasing my first business. The acquisition of a quaint coffee shop saw this born and bred city girl move to a small rural town. Imagine if you will, this would be fashionista, having to learn the art of cooking donuts in grease at 3am in order to have stock fresh for the 5am crowd, no less. Somewhat humbling but probably the most rewarding experience as I was accepted into this?community with open arms and began a new lifetime of ?firsts? including marriage and children.

Later on, another exciting first included the purchase of a hardware store and a move to another small town. A couple of years later inadvertently led me to the Guelph-Wellington Business Enterprise Centre. Joining the centre as a small business advisor gave me the opportunity to help other small business owners begin their journey of ?firsts?.

Upon reflection of all the various positions I have held and the different businesses I have owned, it has occurred to me that I have always been a ?jack of all trades, master of none?. In recognizing this trait, it has allowed me many varied opportunities of ?firsts? and has brought great experience, skill and wisdom to my life. I also acknowledge that all these ?firsts?, both triumphant and sometimes disappointing, are an integral part of the journey.

We should all be looking forward to the rest of 2010 and beyond in anticipation of more of the ?firsts? that await us. Reflecting, acknowledging and integrating both past and future ?firsts? will empower us all to reach our own personal passions, dreams and milestones that we dared to dream about in the first place.

Page 4, Spring 2010

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