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Profile: Waterloo Mayor, Brenda Halloran

Believe in Yourself & Take the Risk

By Arlene Mahood, Campus Director, triOS College

With a large set of transferable skills, help from her friends, she launched a campaign as the inexperienced underdog supportive housing. Her joy and delight and won by an astounding majority. Although many pointed to her lack of political experience, her campaign strategy focused on reaching as many people as she could in their homes and businesses. While going door to door, she explained that she would always strive to work for the interests of the people of Waterloo and would help them fight for their rights.

Brenda?s strong moral fibre, values and ethics along with her willingness to ?roll up my shirt sleeves and dig in? attitude helped her win by an overwhelming majority.

Many people would think they had reached the pinnacle of their career with such an achievement, but Mayor Halloran felt it was another venture in a life filled with new challenges. She has surpassed every goal she set for herself when she took office and has set many new ones. When she sees a need in the community, she works to meet it.

Brenda champions the homeless and supportive housing. Her joy and delight is clear when she describes the housing?project she initiated ??the windows are about to?be installed, and they?ve?raised almost all of the?funds they need. She?looks for every opportunity to make improvements for the homeless,?seniors, students and her?community.

Mayor Halloran believes in a collaborative leadership style.?She takes time to listen?to all sides, looks at the?big picture, and decides,?with the help of council, how best to represent all citizens.

?I firmly believe that democracy is about the voice of the people and making that voice heard.? She has a gift for seeing the big picture and how the pieces fit together. Then she says, ?Let?s do it!?

I asked Brenda what advice she would give women considering a change of career path or starting a business.

?Believe in yourself! It?s okay to take the risk because the best person you have to fall back on is yourself,? she replied.

She also offered other tips: Don?t be?afraid to reach out and ask for help, or to offer help. Know that you can do whatever you set your mind to do. Mayor Halloran has never let anyone or anything distract her from what she wants to do.

Brenda plans to spend the next year looking for opportunities to expand Waterloo?s profile and continuing her active political agenda of bringing social and environmental change to this city she loves so passionately. She is very proud of what she?s done, and her record of accomplishments speaks for itself.

In the words of her favourite quote by?Winston Churchill, ?You make a living by what you get; you make a life by what you give.? Brenda Halloran certainly gives her calling as Mayor of Waterloo her all.

Arlene Mahood is a writer and Campus Director of the triOS College Kitchener Campus. triOS College helps adults make their career change dreams a reality. Her campus offers 25 adult education programs in the areas of business, legal, health care and technology, including two new programs: Addiction Work and Video Game Development and Design.

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