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Submission Requirements

Article Submission Requirements

If you are interested in submitting an article to Powerful Women Magazine, you may wish to read the information below.

Submitting an Idea for an Article

Please include the following:

  1. A summary of the article, along with author(s)’ name(s) and credentials.
  2. A list of resources, such as photos or illustrations, tables, charts, or sidebar materials, etc, that will enhance your article. (Please don’t send it all now, a list outlining what you have will do.)
  3. If possible, indicate how many words you think the article will be (most Powerful Women Magazine articles will be less than 600 words).
  4. Let us know how long you think you will need to complete the article. Most issues will be planned in advance. However, we may be able to accept a late submission where there is room, if it complements the next issue’s theme.

Once you have submitted your idea for an article, we will add it to our list of possible articles for upcoming issues and will let you know if it fits in with our issue schedule. We will then discuss with you the length, timing, and in some cases, where we have a theme or complementary article, the angle we’d like it to take.

Technical requirements

Articles and accompanying items should be submitted electronically as e-mail attachments to submissions at powerfulwomen dot ca (unless otherwise specified).

If the total submission is too large to email we will provide you with a username and password for our FTP site where you will be able to upload your files.

Where possible your article should be formatted as a Microsoft Word (.doc). We can also accept your article in Publisher or PowerPoint files but images must be sent separately. We do not accept text embedded in PDF or Corel files.

Files should be PC compatible.


Photographs supplied digitally should, where possible, be high-resolution (300 dpi) .tif or .eps files, saved at the anticipated published size. Where possible, the images should be saved as greyscale or CMYK (not RGB). If you do not have photo editing software, we can accept JPG files provided they are in their original format, of the highest quality and are large enough to be scaled for print.

Photographic prints and transparencies can be accepted for scanning. The size of prints should not exceed 8 x 10 inches. Previously published halftone material and inkjet prints are not suitable for scanning.

Illustrations (clipart) should be Illustrator (.ai) or high-resolution (300 dpi) .tif or .eps files. Again, files should be saved in greyscale or CMYK (not RGB).

Images embedded in text files are not suitable for publication. However, you may include images and captions in a separate document for layout purposes only.

When submitting a large number of files, please include a summarized list of all file names. File names should be meaningful and not too generic.


For extra large articles (2 pages or more), with accompanying materials, we encourage authors to create summary sidebars to help readers understand the materials included. These sidebars might contain a bullet list of what the article is about, key learning points, how-to steps or other quick reference details.

Submitting Previously Published Items

We do not accept previously published articles of substantially similar form or with substantially similar content. If in doubt, please contact the editor.


Each submission must be accompanied by a signed declaration by the author that the content is his/her original work and does not in any way infringe on the copyright of a third person. (An email signature will suffice.) Where content is “borrowed” from another source, it must be accredited to the original author and included within quotation marks.

The Author retains all rights to the original article and accompanying items. Powerful Women Magazine holds the copyright to substantially modified or edited content. However, it is our policy to freely share published information whether modified or not. Generally, where permission is requested, as long as the publication is reputable, we will grant permission to reprint one of our articles. In all circumstances, when requests are made, we will contact the Author who will have the final say on any reprints.

Selection Process

All submitted articles will be chosen for publication at the discretion of our editorial team and publisher. All articles are subject to content and style editing. We cannot guarantee articles will appear in the next issue date and may keep them for a future issue. The selection process and editing may take time. We appreciate your patience.