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Posted by on Mar 1, 2010 in Brand, Firsts, Marketing, Spring 2010 | 0 comments

Successful Marketing in the 21st Century

Road Trip

5 Tips for Social Media Newbies

By Harp Arora,?Principal Brand Consultant Sedona Communications

Remember when you first learned how to drive? The excitement, the anxiety, the expectation? Jumping behind the wheel of social media can be just as great an adventure.

With these 5 tips, you won?t need to white-knuckle it on the road to social media success.

  1. Pick a destination. There?s nothing more fun than a road trip. But for it to be successful you need to know where you?re going. So figure out your objectives for social media, e.g. find new clients? Joint venture opportunities? Professional development? P.S. make sure you bring a map in case you get sidetracked.
  2. Get comfy cozy. Before you start the car, get comfortable in your surroundings. Pick just two or three social media sites to start, and spend some time learning how to use the site, what other people are posting, and what the ?style? is. For example, Facebook is casual, friendly and fun while LinkedIn is professional, formal and business-like.
  3. Rev your engine. Ready? Fill out a profile that tells others a little about you and that shows some personality. You are on ?social? media, after all. And definitely post a picture of yourself. No picture or profile screams ?Don?t talk to me? or ?I?m a spammer?.
  4. Put it in gear, baby! It?s time to engage. Nervous? Don?t sweat it. See what others are posting and simply comment or answer a question they?ve asked. Once you?re comfortable and ready to post, go for it. Post or comment on an article, a thought, an idea, a question, a picture, a video ? the most important thing is to engage in a two-way dialogue.
  5. Stick your head out the window and enjoy the scenery. Remember, you?re on a road trip. Have some fun, already!
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