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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Payment Options

Magazine Ads: All advertising must be paid for in full prior to closing date to ensure insertion unless publisher has given permission for late payment.

Website Ads: All website ads must be paid for prior to publishing online.

Subscriptions: All shipping fees for mailed subscriptions of our print magazine must be paid for prior to shipping.

All payments can be made to Kaz Design Works by cash, cheque, money order or internet banking email transfer. Payment may be made by PayPal for non-discounted ads only.

Ad Production Charges

Ad design is not included in our advertising rates and will be charged separately. Expenses incurred as a result of the client?s failure to conform to?mechanical specifications will be charged to the client and will be payable prior to insertion.

Ad Changes

Changes to advertising material (including repeat ads) will be subject to a fee charged to the client. Production charges for ads designed in-house include up to two revisions. Additional revisions will be subject to a fee charged to the client.

Ad Copy Approval

All advertisements must be acceptable in content and, where submitted ready-made, in design at the publisher?s discretion.

Ad Placement

Other than cover ads (inside & outside) and our Special Pages and Features, special placement of ads cannot be guaranteed.

Late Copy

Late material is subject to a late fee unless the publisher receives due notice and agrees to an extension. Otherwise, no late material will be accepted.


Cancellations for magazine ads must be made prior to closing date. Ads for our online Featured Businesses section and any other website ads may be cancelled at any time. All production costs incurred prior to cancellation, whether for print or online, will be billed. Cancelled repeat ads are pro-rated and billed accordingly.

Editorial Policy

All editorial is completely independent from advertising. No special editorial consideration or comment of any kind can form any part of the sales agreement.

Article Submissions Policy

Before submitting an article the author must confirm that the content is her/his own work and that he/she has permission for any copywritten material used. Any quotes or extracts from previously published material by another author (whether alive or dead) must be indicated by quotation marks and credited to the original author. The author will be held responsible for any copywritten material that they submit without permission from the original author(s).

General Policies

The publisher reserves the right to increase the advertising rates for any issue. Advertisers and their agents assume complete liability for all content (including text, representation and/or any illustration) of the advertisement and all responsibility for any claims arising from them. The publisher is not responsible for any claims made in any of the advertising. All material published in Powerful Women Magazine is the sole possession of Powerful Women Magazine and cannot be duplicated in any way without written permission from the publisher. The publisher reserves all rights to all materials published. Copyright ?2010-2011 Kaz Design Works, Publisher, Powerful Women Magazine.