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Additional Terms

Additional Terms & Conditions

(Relating to the new features for 2013. Effective January 1st, 2013 )

  • There is no obligation for contributors in the four themed online-only issues to advertise. However, submitted articles and photos must not be promotional in content, should be previously edited, and will only be published at the discretion of the Publisher.
  • Unedited, badly written articles will not be accepted or published and may be subject to an editorial fee.
  • Poor quality photos will not be accepted or published unless under exceptional circumstances.
  • For multiple ad insertions and Ask the Expert Q and A spots, payment may be made in equal installments 15 days prior to each publication date in which the ad or Q and A spot appears.
  • Discounted rates (see Media Kit) are available for multiple insertions in the themed online-only issues provided payment is made in full 15 days prior to the first insertion.
  • Payment for a print ad in the “Spotlight on Business” issue (whether previously appearing in a themed online-only issue or not) must be made at least 21 days prior to publication date.
  • Discounted rates for print ads in the “Spotlight on Business” issue are available provided payment is made at least 15 days prior to the publication date of the first themed issue in which it appears or 21 days prior to the print date, whichever is the soonest.
  • A discount on the entire order will be applied where payment in full is made by cash, email transfer or cheque at time of ad booking or received by mail (cheques only) within 7 days of ad booking (see Media Kit for current discounts).
  • Ads booked for multiple insertion at the reduced rate will be repeated as-is. Changes to ads will be charged at the rate stated on the Media Kit.
  • Advertisers booking multiple insertions and who pay the full ad rate may supply or have a different ad created for each issue, provided artwork or ad copy is supplied at least 21 days prior to publication date.
  • Advertising rates exclude ad creation. (Please see Media Kit for design rates or specifications for supplied artwork.)
  • Advertisers may supply their ad ready-made, however artwork must meet our specifications and be supplied at the correct size.
  • Changes to ads (whether created in-house or supplied) will be charged at the regular hourly design rate (see Media Kit).
  • Ads booked for the online issues and created in-house will be created as if for print, therefore hi res quality images/photos must be supplied.
  • Where ads are created in-house, advertisers will be supplied with both a hi-res PDF for print use and a JPG for web use after full payment has been received and after publication of the first issue in which their ad appears (whichever is the latter).
  • Unless stated differently or mentioned above, the usual submission requirements for articles and terms and conditions as posted on the website apply.
  • These additional terms and conditions are effective from January 1st, 2013 and are subject to change at any time. Please review before booking an ad or submitting an article.
  • The above terms and conditions supercede our regular terms and conditions where they differ or conflict.