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About the Name

What?s in the Name

I had a dream

For a long time I wanted to publish my own magazine. Over the years, I came up with a variety of ideas for topics, but on doing market research, I would always find there was already a similar publication in circulation, usually with a well-established audience, and if I even wanted to consider competing, I would need to quit my job, hire a huge staff and find financial backing to manage its production.

After moving to Cambridge in 2006 I had the dream of starting my own business. By the end of the year, I realized my dream, by starting my own graphic and website business. Ever since that time, I had the vision of providing a medium, for other small business owners to promote their companies, and several ideas, such as magazine, coupon book, shared flyer advertising and online business directory, came to mind.

However, I felt the need to establish myself in the business community first, in order to find a niche market.

Inspiration comes from the strangest of places.

Back in December 2009, two years after starting my graphic and website design business,?Kaz Design Works, I was taking a shower and started thinking about the women’s networking group, POWE, that I had recently joined, and wondered why it did not have its own magazine in which its members could promote their businesses as a group to their target markets.

Realizing that I just may have finally found the niche market I was looking for, at first I considered approaching the organization’s CEO about producing a magazine in which its members could promote their businesses. However, not only would this mean “working for someone else”, I felt a member-only publication would be too restrictive. I wanted a magazine that would open up the opportunity to as many business women as possible to share their expertise and experiences as well as learn from others.

And, as I began my market research, I discovered that other networking groups for business women in the area did not have a magazine, and nor was there a magazine that focussed on the interests and needs of local business women in Waterloo, Wellington and surrounding counties.

There seemed to be an opening for a magazine that not only provided a medium in which local business women could promote their products and services, but one that would also give those who have met, challenged and overcome obstacles on their journey to success, the opportunity to share their knowledge, expertise and experiences with women about to embark on a similar journey or who are in the process of evolving their business to the next level.

With these women in mind, I determined the goal of the magazine was to inform and inspire them to ignite their passion for success. Once I decided to go it alone and with the goal determined, it didn’t take long to come up with the name.

Inspired by both the individual and collective power of the women of POWE, as well as the many business?women in the area that I have met, I decided the name would be Powerful Women.