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Posted by on Sep 1, 2010 in Challenges, Coaching, Fall 2010, Life Transitions | 0 comments

Top ten ways to triumph during a life transition

Lois Raats Ready2Grow

Lois Raats

The state of transition is not well understood by most people. Often life transitions start with a jolt, through an unexpected turn of events.

Maybe we?ve experienced an economic downturn, an unforeseen layoff, an illness, a significant birthday, or the death of a close friend or family member.

Similarly, sometimes starting or growing a business can throw us into the ?white water? of transition? literally up the creek without a paddle, surging and floundering, struggling to locate the ground beneath our feet.

How do you navigate when your map is temporarily lost, the canoe springs a leak, or paddles are in short supply?
Recognize the state you?re in.

  1. Remind yourself that transition is only a phase, never a permanent state of affairs.
  2. Take care of the obvious. A good question to start with is often ?What makes me money NOW??
  3. Lower your expectations. Now is the time to ditch the perfectionism.
  4. Remain open to the Universe. Talk to everyone you can trust about what you need. Be specific. Pray. Assume the universe wants to help you ? and it will.
  5. Get a support network. Remind yourself continuously that you are valuable, regardless of your life situation.
  6. Lighten up. Don?t worry ? your situation will still be there even after you?ve had some fun. Go have some.
  7. Take it one day at a time. Don?t worry about the big picture right away. With enough well-spent days, that picture will come into focus.
  8. Write things down. Record your dreams and aspirations or pull together a vision board. It?s like hanging a sign that says ?Open for Business?.
  9. Pay attention to your unconscious. Dreams and daydreams often provide clues to our future direction. Pay attention and learn to read them.
  10. Practise ?Active Waiting.? Waiting doesn?t mean sitting around doing nothing. It means moving toward what you sense you want, and adjusting as you go.

If you practise all of the steps outlined above, you?ll be doing Active Waiting. Sooner or later, your life or business picture will gel, and you will move forward into your next phase.

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