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Posted by on Dec 1, 2010 in Computers - IT, The Women Behind The Men, Winter 2011 | 0 comments

Waiting your turn? Stimulate your brain

Computing for the Geekaphobe

I was one of those women who supported her husband by staying home to take care of the family while he returned to school, not once, but twice.? I continued to stand by my man while he struggled to get his career off the ground working often seven days a week.

Rhonda Cozzarin, HelpMePC

Rhonda Cozzarin, HelpMePC

Although at times I felt left behind, I knew that it was better for our family for only one of us to push forward. School has always been important to my husband and me, after all it has been said that education is an investment in yourself, and that it can never be lost or taken away from you.

So, here I am now, after all those years of waiting my turn while taking care of my family. I got a great education, and my dreams have come true and even better, I have started my own business. My dear husband of 25 years has been very understanding and patient and now supports my agenda.

Some tips for those women, who like me, are waiting their turn:

  1. Get current and stimulate your brain! Take night courses to get you out of the house at least one evening a week. An added bonus is that you will have something interesting to talk about with your partner. Education can also increase self-esteem for those women staying at home taking care of their families who may not feel good about themselves.
  2. Become software savvy! Take computer courses! If you will be away from work for awhile, you will need to keep your computer skills updated so that your return to work will be seamless. I highly recommend taking Word, Excel and PowerPoint courses. Need to know skills include:
    • Know how to create a professional document that is not only correctly set up, but is formatted with some pizzazz
    • Knowing how to Mail Merge is a busy office necessity
    • Learn how to create a spreadsheet, how to calculate in the cells and show your results in a spectacular chart!
  3. Learn how to make a great presentation! Be creative with an entertaining PowerPoint presentation that others will applaud!
    Beautify yourself! While taking care of your family, it?s easy to forget or even lose yourself. Consult with a hairdresser and find a friend to help you with your wardrobe. Find what you are looking for using search engines, business directories and Google Maps, etc.
  4. Be bold! If you are considering starting your own business, do consider a professionally designed website so that others needing your services can find you.? Today, most people are conditioned to search for businesses online. A professionally designed and search optimized website is a good investment.

Now that I have let you in on my secret, share this article with other women who are at home taking care of their families waiting for their turn to show the world who they are, and what they have to offer.

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