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Posted by on Aug 1, 2013 in Coaching, Health & Wellness, Summer 2013 | 0 comments

Wake up your courage

Article submitted by Sue Bock, Courage to Adventure Coaching’

Sue Bock

Sue Bock

We wake up to dawn?s early light to a view we had been greeted by just the day before?Diamond Head, the icon of the island of Oahu and Waikiki Beach. It looms over the ocean, the beach, and yes, even the flamingos in the zoo below our hotel room. After driving to the trailhead, we make our way. We are anticipating a beautiful clear view at the top, where long ago it was used as a ?look out? to notify the unsuspecting Hawaiian people of any attack.

We start our trek with the morning group, eager to miss the crowds. We climb easily (thank goodness for our trainer, Stacey) and continue putting one foot in front of the other. The dirt and rocks have been placed by Mother Nature, and by human hands. We pick our way over rocks, and around each corner we are greeted by stunning views. Oohs and aahs burst out of our mouths like blowing bubbles. Long-legged trekkers,? and those who have made this mountain their morning routine,? pass us.

Then we come across a couple; the wife is making her way with a cane, and the husband patiently waits when she needs to slow down or rest. We continue our quest.

Finally, on our last step and with a big huff, we make it to the top and we are gifted with a view that even God would envy (ok, I?m just taking a guess). We take a quick look and then begin our exploration of the empty bunkers. Then we reach the final steps to the ?bird?s nest? for a last look of the amazing view.

As we turn around, the woman with the cane and her husband are taking in their well-deserved view. I praised her for her perseverance.

She thanked me and said, ?I wanted to do this for my 75th birthday which is today.? What an achievement! I was amazed and gratified that a woman turning 75, who obviously needed a cane, had the determination and gumption to fulfill a desire.
I admire those who rise above adversity. They accept themselves for who they are and know they can be more. This is part, in my opinion, of living large and living a bigger life.

It pains me to see others play small and miss opportunities to fulfill themselves and their dreams. What a waste of God?s gift of life. To have a dream of wanting more, and not being able to hold onto the vision, the belief, and the determination to get what they want.

The practice of thinking bigger, takes a wake-up call to find your courage, stabilize your fears, and allow you to take a step towards change. What fears do you have to face to take that step?

What desire do you have that creates a need so profound it pushes you to dig deep within and grasp courage like the woman with the cane?

Will you follow me and throw away the ?cane,? and climb to the top of the mountain? Dig deep into your well of courage, and join me for your next adventure.

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