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Posted by on Nov 27, 2011 in Human Resources | 0 comments

Why hire immigrants

Women in North America have come a long way to be where they are today. Our workplaces are legislated to provide equal opportunity. Our education and experience has meaning and provides opportunity to succeed and grow within our careers.

This is not necessarily so for women who emigrate here from other countries. Why? Because there are no universal standards for education, experience and skill levels.?

Women (and men) who move to Canada with doctorates, PhDs and other degrees are not allowed to practise in Canada unless they receive upgrading and retest, re-intern, or re-apprentice for their careers. Canada is known as the country of opportunity ? and I agree we are. We live in a country that provides us with the opportunity to succeed in the career of our choosing. How do we assist those from abroad who choose to come to our country to reach the same goals? By providing them the opportunity to prove themselves as we Canadians ask of our employers!?

Employers are not aware of the funding and grants often made available to hire newcomers to Canada. The Immigrant Women?s Centre of Hamilton outlines a list of reasons to hire immigrants:

  • Immigrants are essential for economic growth
  • They are often more educated and better skilled
  • Immigrants connect employers with diverse markets
  • Productivity and retention is improved
  • Immigrants can boost your image

In addition to the above benefits, many grants and subsidies are available that you as an employer can access to grow your business when you hire newcomers to Canada. Visit the Immigrant Women?s Centre of Hamilton?s website to source the right funding for you.

The above links will provide you with grants and wage subsidies information.? For further assistance and understanding, contact the coordinator for each of the government programs as outlined on the website links above.? Employment Ontario is an invaluable resource ? their recruitment services are free of charge and they will assist you with the paperwork, the hiring, the screening of your applicants and more.? Our local expert ? Charmaine Mitchell and her staff at CareerLink – Community Employment Centre (link above) would be more than happy to assist you.