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Posted by on Dec 1, 2010 in Organizing, The Women Behind The Men, Winter 2011 | 0 comments

Working behind the scenes: you are a jack-of-all-trades

Cathy Mendler A New Leaf

Cathy Mendler A New Leaf

It takes a special person to work behind the scenes ensuring that everything runs smoothly.? The woman in a supporting role is expected to be a jack-of-all-trades, or perhaps we should say ?jill-of-all-trades??

Planner and Organizer

Running a household is similar to being the conductor of an orchestra. Scheduling appointments, shuttling children to and from sports activities and music lessons, parent-teacher meetings at the school, grocery shopping, laundry, gardening ? the list is endless.

She is good at prioritizing what needs to be done and seeing that those priorities are accomplished.? People who are better at seeing the overall picture often aren?t good at handling the details.


Support can take many shapes ? from the spouse working long hours, furthering his education, to agonizing over tough decisions being made at work, etc.? A promotion can become a double-edged sword.? A move may be required.? The disruption of uprooting from family, friends and a job can be extremely stressful ? aside from everything the actual move entails.? The most important element in dealing with change is attitude.


There is always some degree of sacrifice in these situations. The woman must assume a supporting role willingly.? A couple should feel the end result will be worth it ? however that couple defines success.? If the woman feels she has had to sacrifice everything that is important to her, success will not be achieved


Many people measure success from a monetary perspective ? a bigger home, nice cars, expensive wardrobes, vacations, etc.? Other people equate success in terms of what they achieve from a personal perspective and their community involvement.? As children grow older, the woman often starts to spread her wings.? While her previous formal education may have started her down a certain path, it?s not uncommon to set off in a completely different direction.? The valuable skill set she develops over time supporting her spouse positions her well to achieve her own great success.

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