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Posted by on Sep 1, 2010 in Challenges, Fall 2010 | 0 comments

Wow, what a ride!

By Kristel Manes, Guelph-Wellington Business Enterprise Centre


Standing in line under the hot summer sun at Canada?s Wonderland, I watch with both fear and fascination as the thrill seekers ahead of me jump into the roller coaster cars and literally put their lives in the hands of fate. Even though the park engineers have made great efforts to keep the rides operating in a safe manner, there is still the risk of injury or death and yet consciously knowing this, we can?t seem to get on the ride fast enough.

I wondered if this fearlessness was only a trait of the youth as the young seem to be natural risk takers, no recognition of responsibility or consequence and yet I stand here (a tad older than the youth that surrounds me) with the same sense of wonderment and anticipation.

As we sit strapped in our car and begin our ascent to the top of the first perilous drop, my heart racing and my stomach churning, the excitement of what?s to come starts to build. As we coast over the top, that first glance down leaves you breathless, laughing and crying, all at the same time. That same breathless? feeling reminds me of other places in time when? faced? with major obstacles in life, having no choice but to face the challenges head on and? maneuver through as best as possible.

The car jerks sharply to the left, another life challenge, quick veer to the right, a slight complication, but despite these trials and tribulations, our momentum continues. That same momentum, that driving force, no different than our unrelenting human spirit, journeys us forward without stopping or allowing us to get off the ride.

The speed of the journey constantly changes, one frenzied curve holding on for dear life, closely followed by the next anticipated curve, leaving us giddy and begging for more. Then unfortunately, as quickly as the ride begins, it ends and we must then depart from our cars with some uncertainty but an immediate need to search out a new thrill seeking ride to take its place. That?s life as well, full of challenges and complications but also full of achievements and accomplishments, definitely worth the ride.

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